Get Paid For Your Expertise
NOT Your Time!


  • Increase your reach and your sales by packaging your expertise.
  • Get more time to enjoy life instead of spending it counting hours.
  • Discover how to create lucrative packages that your Target wants.
  • Quickly & easily create al a carte items that complement your packages.
  • Master promoting your packages and watch your income increase.
  • Learn how to move retainer clients to packages without losing them.
  • Design a solid packaging strategy that compliments your lifestyle.
  • Make your services easier to sell!
Karen Scott Rice

What separates Susan Mershon aka The Techie Mentor from the rest is her information delivery. She takes an otherwise overwhelming topic and translates it so simply my grandson could understand it. I am more likely to do something when it is easy to understand and doesn't include 1000 steps. This program helped me clear the "fog" of knowing what services I want to offer and who I want to work with. The "light bulb" moments came in learning what Marketing really "is" and the process of determining your niche and most of all do what you love ! ! Isn't that why we became business owners in the first place?

Karen Scott Rice, KReative Connections Virtual Services

Join successful freelancers including Virtual Assistants, Designers, Online Business Managers and many more who have discovered how to package their services with Design Lucrative Packages.


The problem is that many freelancers are stuck selling their time, counting hours and having their time scrutinized, it's a never ending cycle!

When you understand how to package your services the right way for your business, you can quickly and easily create lucrative packages that sell, free up your precious time and make you the "go-to" person in your marketplace.

If you're like many women entrepreneurs, you're tired of tracking your time and like the idea of packaging your expertise.

But... how do you figure out how much to charge
if you are doing a package instead of hourly?


Offering packages increases your bottom line while freeing up your precious time to enjoy life.

The more experience you gain, the less time you spend so you make more.

What can you do with extra time and money?

Packaging your services makes them easier to sell.

Make your services tangible! Treat them like a product and watch your income soar.

Services are intangible--you can't see them, touch them, take them out of the box or demonstrate them. Yet this is exactly what you need to do to make them easier for your clients to purchase. So how do you accomplish this?

  • Turn your expertise into products.
  • Package different service levels.
  • Combine services and create a new product.
  • Package your processes.


You’ve heard that packaging your expertise can be hugely successful, but you haven’t been able to figure out how to make it work for your business.

1 - You need more traffic and sales — not another way to track your time.

2 - You want someone to break it down for you, step-by-step, to help you package your services to get more clients and earn more money (and get back your time).

You haven’t got time to waste figuring out how to make packaging work for your business; you need a clear, concise proven strategy that will get you real results.

I have developed a simple (and proven) system to help you stop wasting time with packaging methods that don’t work and put Design Lucrative Packages to work for you. I can show you how to create packages to make you instantly stand out, grab the attention of your ideal clients and build a business that compliments your lifestyle.

Stop wasting your time and simplify packaging your services so that you can focus on the most helpful features and biggest opportunities for your business.


When I started my Virtual Assistant business, I struggled to ask for what I was worth when I was selling my time NOT my expertise.

I stuttered and stammered when it got to the part in the conversation around rates. I was embarrassed to ask for the rate I really wanted so, more often than not I would lower my rate just to close the deal.

Well... this ended up being a huge mistake on my part.

I started to resent my clients because they weren't paying me what I knew I was worth.  And... it was my fault for not asking for what I wanted out of fear.

Then there was the whole tracking time element that I HATED! I would forget to turn it on or worse forget to turn it off.

This was no way to run a business!

Can you relate?

I knew there had to be a better way to work with clients. A way that focused on the value and expertise I brought to my client's business INSTEAD of just my time.

Once I changed to offering packages, my fear of asking for what I was worth disappeared. It was easier for clients to understand how working with me was an advantage to their business.

Everything changed!

For some reason, people don't value time as much as they do expertise.

After much trial and error I developed a simple formula that helps you strategize and design packages that can increase your income and free time!

I personally used this formula to create packages based on my expertise that vaulted my business forward by leaps and bounds along with my income.

I've taught hundreds of business owners how to design and promote packages around their expertise to give them more money and more freedom to enjoy life!


Unlike other Packaging programs on the market (that are mostly information you could find for free), I'm taking you behind the scenes of my six figure business and showing you proven methods and strategies that I've personally tested and used with much success.

Follow my clear, step by step plan to avoid overwhelm and gain incredible confidence in designing and promoting your packages.

When you enroll, you’ll get access the my entire program (step-by-step videos, templates, checklists and bonuses for the program) which is broken down into 6 actionable modules:



Module #1

The Strategy Phase

What's Your Money Mindset - Each of us has a "Money Story", and it's important to know your own so you can eliminate any bad habits or beliefs when it comes to money.

Business & Income Goals - Let's look at the overall plan for your business & income goals and how packages can help you achieve or exceed them.

Where Do Packages Fit In Your Business - This is all about your Sales Funnel and where packages fit in it.

Review Your Target & Niche - You can't promote your packages until you're clear on your Target and your Niche. If your still fuzzy in this area, we will work together to get it crystal clear so you can hit the ground running.

Overview of Packages - We'll talk about how packages works and why they are the best way to make more money and gain back your freedom.

Design Your Package Strategy - How do you want packages to work for you? Let's design a Package Strategy that compliments your lifestyle.

Module #2

The Planning Phase

The Package Planning System - My complete step-by-step instruction guide that covers everything in the Design Lucrative Packages program.

Your Skills & Expertise - We will review your current skills & expertise as well as any additional skills you are looking to learn in the near future.

Rates Vs. Expertise - Here we start the conversation around pricing and the difference between rates and expertise.

Value Vs. Time - When you're offering packages, you're not selling just your TIME, you're selling VALUE based on your expertise. This is a Mindset Shift we will explore.

Module #3

The Packaging Phase

Design Lucrative Packages - Let's get started designing your lucrative packages using my step-by-step packaging method. 

Estimating Costs & Schedule - Here's where the rubber meets the road. We work through estimating your package costs and the amount of time it takes to complete it. 

My Secret Packaging Formula - I've created a simple packaging formula that I will share with you when it comes to packaging & pricing. It takes the headache out of packaging!

The Al a Carte Menu - Having an Al a Carte menu is the easiest way to be sure you're delivering what your client's want and need when offering packages.

Pricing Strategies - Pricing is a science and an art - you don't just slap a number on things. You have to design a pricing strategy that fits your business.

Module #4

The Promoting Phase

Ways To Promote Packages - Let's explore different ways to promote your packages that showcase your expertise.

Targeting Your Ideal Client - It's important to be clear on who your Ideal Client is and where they hang out both online and offline. We work throught these things together in this session.

Promoting Your Packages - Now it's time to determine how you want to promote your packages and to get out in front of your market.

Promotion Planning - We design a simple step-by-step marketing plan to promote your packages and finally retire that timer.

Marketing Tips & Tricks - I'll share the methods of marketing along with tips & tricks that work to promote and sell your packages based on my own experience.

Module #5

The Delivery Phase

Tools & Technology - These are a must in delivering lucrative packages to your clients. They help you stay on top of all the moving pieces of your packages and help with reporting and tracking of tasks.

Delivering Value - It's all about delivering value to your clients. What can you do to deliver above and beyond your client's expectations? We'll look at several ways to add additional value to your packages.

Communication & Follow Up - It's so important to communicate the status of packages and follow up on any outstanding items. I'll share with you a simple and easy way to be sure everyone stays on the same page.

Up Sells - This session ties back into your Sales Funnel and how each package fits in your overall business. We'll talk about up selling client's into the next logical package available.

Closing Process - It's review time. We'll look back over the entire process to see what needs to be updated or tweaked for next time.

Amy Klous

This training will help you put together your packages to sell your services. That was so helpful for me because it makes it easier to sell and customers to understand.  Susan's style of teaching makes things really easy to understand and it's very practical, which I like. The training is affordable and pays for itself and more after one sale! I'm looking forward to my next training with The Techie Mentor™!

Amy Klous, The Amylia Group

Will Design Lucrative Packages Work In My Business?

You may have heard a lot of hype about packaging your services, and may be wondering if it could really work for you and your business. I was skeptical too, until I witnessed the transformation made possible by applying a few simple (yet surprising) strategies.

What if you are just getting started?

Start off by selling your expertise INSTEAD of your time. 

I can show you how to quickly and easily create lucrative packages, even if you are just starting your business.

What if I'm not confident?

As part of this program I do a mock packages and a mock planning session to help you gain confidence when it comes to promoting and selling your services.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the entire Design Lucrative Packages program and if you don't LOVE it, get 100% of your money back.

I am so passionate about offering this incredible guarantee and here's why:

Before I created Design Lucrative Packages, I spent over 6 months conducting real research on packaging my services using my business as a guinea pig.

I don't teach anything that I haven't personally tested and used with success.

My strategies are proven and I teach them in an simple, clear and actionable way
because I've actually implemented them inside of my own business.

There are a lot of "Packaging Experts" out there, but very few have real businesses using what they're teaching.

My background in Training Development & Project Management makes my training more comprehensive and detailed than any of the other options out there.

I know that you can do big things with this information.

I only create world class programs that I know work.

I've built my businesses the right way, and that is what I want to help you do too.

That's why I've been able to build multiple 6 figure businesses while enjoying my freedom!

It's easy: Take the program, do the work and see for yourself. If it meet your expectations, just email us, and I'll refund your entire purchase.

Delaine Triplitt

Susan Mershon the Techie Mentor is the ultimate VA Coach. My corporate experience was more that of an old school administrative assistant and I needed a lot of help with technical training; but soon discovered that Susan is also quite adept at training in general business practices as well.

This program does not disappoint! Quite the contrary! Susan even came up with ideas of how to package client or customer service as an expertise. Honestly, I thought the challenge would stump her but it didn't. Susan offer solid, practical and innovative ideas for packaging customer service skills; truly remarkable! Taking Susan's courses have increased my technical skills. Taking Courses offered by the Techie Mentor has consistently added value to my business.

Delaine Triplitt, By All Means Virtual

Inside the program, you’ll find over 19 step-by-step informational videos in an organized and systematic way, as well a corresponding homework, checklists, template and more to get the creative juices flowing.

This program can easily save you weeks (even months) of time researching and learning how to package your services - not to mention a lot of missed revenue.

Remember... Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Design Lucrative Packages is a digital product. After you complete your payment, you will get access to a members-only area with the course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will This Take?

It will only take you a few hours to get started and you can begin doing the exercises immediately. Many of my students who complete this training begin to see an increase in their income with in 30 days of implementing their first package.

Is It Worth The Money?

Let me ask you: how valuable is your time? This program can easily save you weeks (even months) of time researching and learning how to use package your services - not to mention missed revenue. For most business owners, selling just 1 package more than covers the cost of this course.


Does It Really Work?

In a word Yes! These are the exact strategies and steps I used to implement packages in my VA business and increase my income 90% in three short years. They really work, if you do the work!

Can I Learn This On My Own?

Well let's be honest, you can usually find any information that you want to online, right? But the question is... is it from a trusted source? Or is the information actually true?  In fact, there is a lot of false and misleading information circulating about how you to package your services. Why waste your time and energy on information that may not work?


Only $299
get instant access

Without suffering through analysis paralysis or overwhelm from too much information due to lack of direction (no more suffering from... "what-do-I-do-now-syndrome")